Restaurant Merchant Services

Your restaurant needs more than a credit card terminal: you need a system that works for you, not one that makes you work!

Your restaurant is unique and your credit card processing needs are not going to be best served with a “one size fits all” model. In addition to credit card terminals, you need the ability to handle waiter configurations, tip handling, and management reporting. As a restaurant owner or manager, you need a system that can handle several tasks without overwhelming your staff.

shutterstock_159873380You can have a system that does it all and is easy to use!

Not every credit card processing company understands the demands of running a restaurant. This often means you get stuck with equipment that is never quite right, or becomes tedious to train several employees to use. You know you need to look for a better solution, but time is something you don’t have a lot of. So, you wait it out with a system that is just wrong for your business.

BankCardDepot specializes in credit card processing for restaurants just like yours. We already know the concerns and special requirements you have as a busy restaurant, and we are ready to offer you several solutions that are tailor made for your industry. We work for you to customize the perfect credit card processing system for your restaurant so you can get back to work running your establishment, not the back office!

BCD Provides:

  • A full range of credit card terminals, meaning you get exactly what you need and nothing you don’t!
  • NCR Silver POS systems with easy to use features and Back Office interface that can be accessed anywhere
  • Ability to customize our system to your restaurant’s needs—whether you run a fine dining establishment, or a grab and go takeout service, BCD will set you up for success with the best system for you.
  • Access to customer service 7 days a week—your restaurant isn’t open just Monday-Friday and neither are we!

With several years of experience servicing the restaurant industry, you get the added benefit of a credit card processing service that directly understands your unique needs and challenges. We are here to help you set up a system that works from the start.
Should you need assistance down the road, our customer service center is available to assist you every step of the way.

Put us to work designing your perfect Credit Card Processing System! Call us today: 877-359-3426


Your restaurant is just days away from the capital you need to grow your business!

pexels-photo-29346As a restaurant owner or manager, you know you need capital in order to maximize your growth. Whether you are a new startup, or have been in business for quite some time, having access to more funds can be the key to taking your restaurant to the next level of success.

It can be difficult to pull funds from your sales in order to expand your kitchen, purchase better inventory, or consolidate past debts when you already have a lot of overhead costs. Typical business loans often take lots of time and require endless documentation, making them out of reach for many busy professionals.

BankCardDepot understands and we have the answer to your financing needs!

Through our simple, one page application, you can be on your way to the funds you need—fast! We can get most restaurants pre-qualified for either a traditional loan or a business cash advance with very little paperwork!

Flexible terms, ranging from 5 months to 24 months means your loan is both manageable and convenient and tailored to your restaurant’s specific needs.

BankCardDepot knows the special demands placed on the restaurant industry, and we are here to help!

Whether you need capital for an expansion project, to buy out a partner, manage your payroll, or purchase new equipment, we can help you get the cash you need in about 1 week!

Please call us today to discuss getting your restaurant the funds you need to grow the business of your dreams! 877-359-3426

The Restaurant POS system is an advanced & truly compact point-of-sale (POS) terminal or software with a built-in printer supporting credit, debit, check, and other electronically submitted transactions including those made by the use of smart chip cards. The system is user-friendly and extremely fast due to its high-speed built-in thermal printer that eliminates the need for costly ribbon replacement. The equipment can be purchase or leased.

POS software for a restaurant is provided by Ordyx. This Band Card Depot solution realizes and understands that in order for restaurateurs to increase their efficiency, they need to focus their time in running the restaurant and servicing their guests, not in managing a traditional “in the restaurant” back office. On a traditional POS product the back office resides on a computer within the restaurant. As a result, that computer needs to be maintained by restaurateurs in terms of backups, memory needs, hardware failures, etc. In order to eliminate that burden from restaurateurs,

OrdyxOrdyx works with its Internet based Ordyx server which resides outside of the restaurant. Every touch screen inside the restaurant is continuously synchronized with the Ordyx server using the highest standards of encryption available today. The touch screen not only synchronizes in terms of menu changes, but it even updates itself automatically with new versions of the software, thus eliminating the need for having to pay for upgrades. Even in the seldom case that the restaurant gets temporarily disconnected from the Internet, the Ordyx software is designed so that touch screens are able to detect this event, maintain all information locally, and automatically synchronize with the Ordyx server once the Internet connection is reestablished. Furthermore, the offsite Ordyx server allows Ordyx support staff to run daily backups as well as provide a higher level of service than that provided by POS products dependent on local servers. From anywhere in the world restaurateurs can securely and confidentially see everything happening in the restaurant from the current orders being taken to the latest inventory levels.