Retail Merchant Services

Retail Merchant Accounts that are fast and efficient—giving your customers the shopping experience they deserve!

Retail stores have special demands when it comes to credit card processing. Whether you are operating a brick and mortar retail store or combining a physical storefront with an online presence, you need a system that will work for you without making you work harder.

merchant accountsYou can have a system that handles all your retail credit card processing needs and is easy to use!

Not every credit card processing company understands the demands of the retail industry, so you may find yourself with a system that doesn’t provide some of the most important features your retail establishment needs like: being able to track employee sales, provide customer loyalty rewards, easily issue customer credits, or sell and redeem gift cards. You also need the ability to provide a fast and secure checkout system for customers, so they get out the door quickly and without hassle.

BankCardDepot has spent several years working with retailers and we understand the special demands placed on the retail market. Our POS systems are efficient and reliable—meaning your customers will get the very best in customer service—fast checkout and no hassles! With the lowest fees in the industry, you get our very best service and rates, guaranteed! We understand what retailers need, and we work directly with you to ensure you get the features that will set your retail store up for success!

BankCardDepot has several solutions that are guaranteed to work for your retail business:

  • A full range of credit card terminals, meaning you get exactly what you need and nothing you don’t!
  • NCR Silver POS systems with easy to use features and Back Office interface that can be accessed anywhere
  • Accept all types of major credit cards so you never have to lose the sale
  • Ability to customize our system to your retail establishment’s needs—whether you need to track commissions, set up customer reward programs, or take both in store transactions and card not present orders, BCD will set you up for success with the best system for you.
  • Guaranteed lowest rates in the industry, putting more money in your pocket!
  • Access to customer service 7 days a week—your retail store isn’t open just Monday-Friday and neither are we!

With several years of experience servicing the retail industry, you get the added benefit of a credit card processing servicer that directly understands your unique needs and challenges. We are here to help you set up a system that works from the start.
Should you need assistance down the road, our customer service center is available to assist you every step of the way.

Put us to work designing your perfect Credit Card Processing System! Call us today: 877-359-3426


Your retail establishment is just days away from the capital you need to grow your business!

As a retail storeowner or manager, you know you need capital in order to maximize your growth. Whether you are a new startup, or have been in business for quite some time, having access to more funds can be the key to taking your shop to the next level of success.

It can be difficult to pull funds from your sales in order to expand your store, start a new location, purchase better inventory, or consolidate past debts when you already have a lot of overhead costs. Typical business loans often take lots of time and require endless documentation, making them out of reach for many busy professionals.

BankCardDepot understands and we have the answer to your financing needs!

canstockphoto23062888Through our simple, one page application, you can be on your way to the funds you need—fast! We can get most retail stores pre-qualified for either a traditional loan or a business cash advance with very little paperwork!

Flexible terms, ranging form 5 months to 24 months means your loan is both manageable and convenient and tailored to your specific needs.

BankCardDepot knows the special demands placed on the retail industry, and we are here to help!

Whether you need capital for an expansion project, to buy out a partner, manage your payroll, or purchase new inventory, we can help you get the cash you need in about 1 week!

Please call us today to discuss getting your restaurant the funds you need to grow the business of your dreams! 877-359-3426

Your POS System can help you run your retail business!

As a busy retail store you need more than just a cash register to run your business. You need to be able to track sales, sell anywhere, and market to customers with custom email marketing and loyalty programs.

NCR Silver High Res BundleIn the past, you may have found these functions in various programs, but then you have to keep track of different software, usernames, and passwords, not to mention having to train employees several times.

Now, thanks to NCR Silver, life is about to get a whole lot easier! With seamless integration, you can track sales, market to your customers and sell anywhere you go, with the convenience of one POS system that works for you and acts as a full back office, not just a payment processer.

You can manage your small business easily and access real-time reporting from anywhere, meaning you can grow on the go and keep management hassle free!

With NCR Silver, you get solutions to all your retail needs:

  • Real time reporting with back office access from anywhere
  • Accept cash, checks and credit cards in one program
  • Inventory management
  • Alerts for fraud or unusual activity
  • Sales reports
  • Automated marketing emails, built right into the system
  • 7 day phone support!

If you are ready to explore what an NCR Silver POS System can do for you and your retail business call us now! 877-359-3426